Advertising signs
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Advertising Signs

Advertising Signs

All Advertising Signs outdoor media advertising messages delivered. According to the actual size of the media environment. Advertising Signs can be hand-drawn picture, or computer or printed on paper made ​​way production.

      Advertising Signs is an expression of their operating characteristics of advertising plaque.

Produced by a wide variety of Advertising Signs, roughly acrylic word, copper, titanium words, light box, LED light box, LED display, printing, stainless steel boxes, guide Signs.

Advertising Signs making process are two types of traditional techniques and modern technology, the traditional process generally refers to the carving, printing production, and now there are plastic boxes production process in general, LED billboard production crafts.

From a global perspective, acrylic Signboards most widely used, such as Rite home, McDonald's, etc., she is not only beautiful, night vision effect is good, but the price is relatively low.

Neon lighting with excellent results, in some high-end is widely used in public places at night, she would like a graceful girl, much attention.