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What is Sign

What is Sign

Sign refers to the Sign hanging in front of the store as a brand , is mainly used to indicate the name and Sign shops can be called shop standard , may have vertical strokes, horizontal strokes or cross- title font on the front of the arch, or hanging under the eaves set giant plaque , or to insert the word transverse to the building ; coordinates are Signs set on the counter in front of the store , sit before the Ming Dynasty -style Signs are more common ; wall trick is to write the shop wall shop business scope and categories.

1 . Stores, doctors and so on hanging in front of the name and business content indicated brand artists.

Zhangren Guo Song " Willow " word: " hanging Signs, loud cheers , the old store to open ." "Water Margin" fifth one back: "Today Xiuying Shangming Signs that read this , then this is a romantic Yunjie 's Paradigm . , Huanzuo " Su Yu Zhang Qing City dual gradually catch up , '" "Ming Chenghua said libretto words Collections · Zhang Wengui passing on" : " front line to the bamboo Lane , see a really well-written Signs , white walls of the book read: there is room resting between people , " " The Scholars " the third one back : " In the future hanging Signs, can be called Confucian doctors ' Ai Wu " philosophy of life lesson ," two : the door " Sign hanging from the place of employment agencies I would just- touched into it . "

2 . Metaphor deceptive guise .

Qing Li Yu "means the edge · rape decoy " : " I take him to be a Sign , from the scholar to get to know ." Heard more than one "historical laws of the May Fourth Movement " : " funky Signs and modernization of technology , and can not hide these facts , " Chen Canyun " valley Wind and Smoke " thirty chapters: " This is not a dandy to the outside study, want to mix a stop Sign back oppressor friends . "

(3) "Look cloud knowledge Weather" Zhu Yi Yong in an article , " Signboard " explanation: Body: Cloud ; Metaphor : Signs. Similarities : Both indicative role. But more obvious Signs , and life, makes it easier to understand. Therefore, to make an analogy with the Signs , vivid . " Signs " shall , where the use of the metaphor of rhetoric .

The original meaning refers to the Sign hanging in front of the store stated or deal in goods store name as a Sign shop , used here vividly illustrates the close relationship between clouds and weather . This sentence means is that the cloud appears closely related to changes in the weather by observing different forms of clouds of heaven , they can learn what kind of weather.