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Mon – Sun 8AM - 11PM

MES advertising signs Precautions

If the customer by telephone, email or fax to the Company inquiry, please provide the name and phone number for contact purposes.

The Company office hours are Monday to Sunday (8:00 am-11: 00pm), customers are welcome to call us during office hours quote, regardless of any order / project types, we can offer free quotes graduated scale.

Order / engineering data is confirmed, we will send by fax or e-mail quotations to customers. Customer Signature implemented, we will contact the customer sent the day.

Payment Method:

  • Crossed Cheque

Please fill in the rise of "Millennium Engineering Services (Hong Kong) Limited"

Please check the invoice number written on the back

Mailing Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong on the 20th, the Hong Building, Room 03

  • Bank Deposit

Hang Seng Bank390-426856-883,Millennium Engineer Services (Hong Kong) Co. Limited".

Bank of China012-889-0-011799-1,''Millennium Engineer Services (Hong Kong) Co. Limited".