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MES Project Signboards

About the company MES advertising signs

Advertising signs
MES Introduction

Signboard-is the core business of the Millennium Project for 15 years. Over the years, we have been committed to providing Signboard production for major institutions and private companies. Signboard services include: advertising Signs, Signboard production, Signboard deSign, LED Signboards, light box Signs, silk-screened Signs, and etching Signs , Office Signboard, house Signboard, computer boundary word, crystal word, acrylic Signboard, embossing. Free Signboard scale quotation, welcome to inquire


1. MES teaches you how to choose a sign that suits you?

Signboard is the soul of every company and will directly affect the company's image, so we must choose a Signboard that suits us. First of all, you should look at your company's location type, such as: office, shopping mall, ground shop. Second, what kind of business are you operating? For example: restaurants, various types of offices. Assuming that you are operating a restaurant on the ground floor, the Signs must be eye-catching and visible from a distance. LED Signs become relatively suitable Signs. If you are operating an office in an office, the Sign must be simple and gorgeous, braille/three-dimensional Sign, flat The Signboard becomes your first choice.

Plywood, formica, acrylic plastic, canvas, light film, copper, aluminum, steel, baking oil effect, titanium, adhesive stickers, LED lights Advertising Signs, etc.

    Optional materials for Signboards include Signboard production can be roughly divided into two major types of raw materials, metal and acrylic. Metals generally include copper, aluminum, steel, and iron, which are more suitable for making outdoor Signboards, such as: LED Signboards, three-dimensional Signboards/embossed Signboards, light boxes, Etched Signboards, three-dimensional school badges, protruding Signboards, and exterior wall Signs. Acrylic glue is mostly divided into the origin of raw materials, domestic and imported, which is more suitable for making indoor Signboards, such as silk-screen Signboards, Engraving Signs, office Signs, computer characters, crystal characters, water Signs, house numbers, embossed Signs, three-dimensional Signs.


Advertising signs project

Advertising Signs through professional deSign integration in order to achieve effective advertising effectiveness, while outdoor Advertising Signs also represent an external image of the company, to do advertising effectiveness taking into account the des

Signboard production and signboard design

  • Professional design signboard
  • The Signboard production process is roughly divided into three major processes. First: understand customer needs, second: provide Signboard deSign solutions, and finally produce Signboards and install Signs. .

Advertising signs engineering

Signs. Anti station Signs. Shape Signs. 3M seamless Signs. Inkjet Canvas advertisements. Kanban. Neon Signs. Acrylic products. LED lights CG. Gold and silver titanium Tongzi. Landscape landmark. Dome. Car ads. Signpost. Computer cut words. Venue deSign an

MES project signboards

. Signs. Hsinchu anti-Taiwan Signs. Shape Signs. 3M seamless Sign . Inkjet Canvas advertisements. Kanban. Neon Signs. Acrylic products . LED lights CG. Yellow Gold words. Landscape landmark. Dome . Car ads. Signpost. Computer cut words. DeSign an

MES classified advertising signs

LED display LED CG Indoor outdoor Advertising Signs Seamless Signs anti-Taiwan Hollow board Signs Acrylic Light Box Corporate image Signs Acrylic company brand / Floors cards Various price list Stainless card / Floors cards Dimensional characters Acrylic


招牌樣板是什麼?很多人都以為招牌樣板是一般招牌公司會將部分過往招牌完成品展示再自己店鋪供客戶參考,但這種做法會令到客戶看到招牌樣板也未必能幻想到自己公司招牌的實物效 果,因為看到的招牌也是其他公司的招牌完成品,mes招牌公司為了解決這個問題,會免費為客人單獨製作招牌樣板,務求令到客戶有更良好的體驗




2021年7月屋宇處官方網頁表明了對嚴重違規的超大型招牌的態度,表明會加迅速及大力度的執法,建議各大商戶盡快參與招牌檢核計劃 招牌檢核計劃詳情可參考屋宇處網站:


招牌是每間公司的靈魂,會直接影響公司的形象,所以我們必須選購一個合適自己的招牌。首先,應看自己公司的選址類別,例如:辦公室,商場,地鋪。第二,是經營什麼業務?例如:餐廳, 各類事務所。假設你是在地鋪經營餐廳,招牌必須搶眼奪目,遠處也清晰可見,LED招牌就成為相對合適的招牌。假如你是在辦公室經營事務所,招牌必須簡單且帶華麗感,凸字/立體字招牌,平面 招牌就成為你的首選。

Professional sign

The company more than ten years of professional experience in production Signage and metallurgical industries to create factories in China, well-equipped, professional brand in the struggle for its bright shiny Signs to make, you get a unique creative concept of the eyes, makes you an elegant deSign shops or home must be submitted. Showing are pleased to offer you a free, please e-mail the following information to us: > The selected model Signs > Sign Size > The name of the Company > Play Sign (if equipped) > Contact Phone * Please specify the source file, as it is possible, to know exactly easy to his coffee. File formats in AI, the coreldraw or preferred format PDF, JPEG, and other times. All works of art professionals handle professional level, receipt of the letter. Light character led Signage letter boxes led Signs metal Signs metal Signs etching or etching screen printing / silk-screen Signage and posters bulletin board other production and other jewelry Signage exterior Signage acrylic acrylic Signage Report window mailbox (mailbox) door handle pumping offset printing print window and produced a mixed crossover stickers / labels for inkjet printing / Flag Neon, neon, neon, simulation (led Neon,)

LED Signs box

LED Signs box Signs show Signs visual electronic message center is the highest quality Signs Sign. We manufacture all of our monitors use UL and CE cerified section. We label business has attained 18 years, and has built the industry leader in the company, by giving customers the best products with excellent customer service and value for money. We do not sell, whether it is a very popular company did not explain your future. EBay offers the most Signs mark that is not sold by the seller in the Signage business. They import cheap Chinese Signs, claiming to be a manufacturer.

Led signs

Advertising Signs Signs, Sign deSign, Led Signs,, led marquees, LED advertising works, Sign production, the word crystal, acrylic, enlarge output, computer cutting the word, canvas, canvas advertisement, three-Dimensional characters, Signs specialists, Sign deSign, large neon tube Signs, stainless steel Signs, outdoor Advertising Signs, outdoor Signs seamless, large exterior wall Advertising Signs, Advertising Signs medium-sized and small Advertising Signs, banners Signs, street Signs, park site licensing, acrylic Signs, computer Inkjet Signs, Signboards word copper and aluminum steel, plastic word word painting Signs, plating Signs, screen printing, spray painting lettering light box Signs, film products, display exhibits production, stainless steel Signs, outdoor Advertising Signs, outdoor Signs seamless, large facades Advertising Signs, Advertising Signs medium-sized and small Advertising Signs, banners Signs, street Signs, park site licensing, acrylic Signs, advertising gallery contains all kinds of Signs, vehicle advertising, posters, banners and classification of images More Signs Advertising Signs and attracted guests can attract attention, deep Indian mind, the need for professional and creative, Advertising Signs production process to provide customers the best elements to achieve the best quality and service-oriented. Signboard The company provides customers with a professional ad production services, including concept, deSign, manufacture and installation. The integrity and quality of services but this company has been advocated to give customers an assurance. Sign professional deSign Advertising Signs all passed outdoor media advertising information. The actual size of the media environment.

Sign sizes

In order to offer a more efficient and accurate, please provide the product data set required (if any), For example: Signature size, simple installation location, reference photos, sketches, computer files, and so on...,, WhatsApp, faxes by email or contact us directly by telephone.

MES years of production experience signs

MES years of Sign production experience, our own factory, providing customers with fast, low-cost service, immediately check!


MES is Advertising Signs Advertising Signs have years of experience , our own factory , improve the professional equipment to provide the best quality and perfect service approach, through rigorous and effective internal quality control systems to high-quality Signs, Advertising Signs for your professional fight do sparkling Advertising Signs , Advertising Signs will be creative concept to achieve your eyes and make your Advertising Signs and elegant presentation . on production time and quality control is very strict , whether you are a customer or general advertising , creative concepts or all of your to achieve eyes. Product Range Light boxes, Signs , LED Signs, neon Signs, three-dimensional word Signs , billboards , steel Signs, road Signs , film products, inkjet products, as well as various types of glass , fiberglass , wood or metal Signs , etc. ... all kinds The company has many years of experience in advertising production engineering , and with all kinds of professional equipment , the production time is greatly reduced. Welcome to map quotes and e-mail inquiries . Showcase Indoor Inkjet word billboard Parking herringbone corporate brand Parking herringbone corporate brand Outdoor wall boxes Outdoor billboards Outdoor billboards Outdoor billboards Plastic box printing Ten Bookstore Lightbox Outdoor light boxes Outdoor Light Box Outdoor Light Box Stainless -dimensional word Signs Indoor Signs Engineering Indoor Signs Interior wall advertising Signs Signboard Signs Signboard Production of plastic boxes Facade Signs Engineering Facade Signs Engineering Facade Signs Engineering Facade Signs Engineering Facade Signs Engineering Facade Signs Body Stickers Body Stickers Block Crystal Award Outdoor light boxes Outdoor Light Box Color composition of coordination and balance , is the key visual deSign ; Production of high-quality Signs, aesthetic accomplishment indispensable. [ Heavy weight ] Made in Hong Kong , do not leave the mainland . Signs two-tier structure , high quality graphic Seal which is not easy to fade collision damage and ensure lasting for years. [ Free installation ] Comprehensive one-stop service , once ordered , you can forget about , Focus on business , Jinghoujiayin . Computer Inkjet : Premium Canvas $ 5 / ft inkjet materials price table seat Tencard poster Accessories Technical Support Computer -mediated word : variety of colors Do artwork deSign : various posters, banners , Backdrop, easy-mount deSign Installation Services : Body railing posters advertising hoarding Backdrop Inkjet package installation package Biaohua photo reference Display equipment : Easy Rolls promotion table data frame poster frame Signs flag flagpole back pull boxes $ 387 series rack screen grid Wheel of Fortune Printing Services: Card Flyer Advertising items : advertising banner advertising fan posted Signs anti- small spatula Birthday Package: Birthday , easy Lycra Package Signature Series: Signs measurements word word word placer gold-plated steel mirror word word red bronze Rose Red Box Series : Vertical boxes, rotating light boxes, hanging boxes , square boxes , round boxes Trophies : General medal trophy medals Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Trophy Trophy Trophy Series 4 Series 5 Crystal trophy Other: Large Format Inkjet printing books and film craft exhibition supplies furnished advertising Signages wedding gifts trophy Die Special Offers

Advertising signs Design

DeSign professional Advertising Signs Advertising Signs , Advertising Signs and countless deSign. Customers good reputation, coupled with excellent project focused on improving quality and efficient service , creative Signature deSign ! Advertising Signs , buildings and outdoor electronic display mounted light pollution , Advertising Signs buildings and outdoor electronic display decorative lights light pollution control guidelines for all LED Advertising Signs, including advertising light boxes, neon Signs , LED electronic display advertising and so on, are If applicable ... places to install decorative lighting, including use as a projection on the facade or projected in place Advertising Signs Professional Sign deSign, advertising, shop Signs , three-Dimensional characters , LED, large posters canvas output ... and other services Offers a variety of Advertising Signs , man- licensing legislation, building hostels LED deSign , Large Format , acrylic Signs, advertising canvas Signs, Advertising Signs project , led Signs, no seams Signs, acrylic Signs , Advertising Signs deSign, Advertising Signs , led ... Professional Advertising Signs deSign, production , cheap, offers a variety of outdoor light boxes, Signage , LED, neon Advertising Signs , metal Signs three-Dimensional characters , acrylic Signs, free installation , first-class quality , customer word of mouth praise

Advertising lightbox

We undertook all kinds of large light box Signs upright floor lamp, light box Signs, including the facade light box Signs, arcade bottom boxes, Advertising lightbox species 362L x 140W x 1320H Fluorescent tubes X1 220V 362L x 140W x 1520H Fluorescent tubes X1 220V Lightbox + (Computer Inkjet) Lightbox effect: affordable / suitable for multicolor effect Lightbox + (computer cut words) Lightbox effect: pictorial effect Vivid / Lightbox effective transmittance Lightbox + (silk screen content) Lightbox effect: Lightbox effective transmittance / pattern distinct effect Warranty and Precautions Choose to install and experienced technical staff, in order to avoid danger. The product is not available 24 hours, the normal use of time is 8 hours a day. Customers are responsible for shipping the sending and receiving. Warranty does not cover: - Products, accessories, shell. - Improper handling or use. Replace only with the same model, you can not change other styles or refund reason. Warranty applies only to the Region.

Dimensional characters

MES-Dimensional characters in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, wood and other materials, suitable for indoor as office lobby, reception area and home decoration. Outdoor can be installed in shop wall. We offer high quality stainless steel and acrylic word word thickness between 3mm to 15mm, if you like a more prominent more three-dimensional, can be used without restriction thick stainless character, respectively, mirror and sand steel. Finally, add baked paint, provide shade, generally Pantone colors as the standard.

Advertising Signs

All Advertising Signs outdoor media advertising messages delivered. According to the actual size of the media environment. Advertising Signs can be hand-drawn picture, or computer or printed on paper made ​​way production.       Advertising Signs is an expression of their operating characteristics of advertising plaque. Produced by a wide variety of Advertising Signs, roughly acrylic word, copper, titanium words, light box, LED light box, LED display, printing, stainless steel boxes, guide Signs. Advertising Signs making process are two types of traditional techniques and modern technology, the traditional process generally refers to the carving, printing production, and now there are plastic boxes production process in general, LED billboard production crafts. From a global perspective, acrylic Signboards most widely used, such as Rite home, McDonald's, etc., she is not only beautiful, night vision effect is good, but the price is relatively low. Neon lighting with excellent results, in some high-end is widely used in public places at night, she would like a graceful girl, much attention.

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