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Advertising lightbox

Advertising lightbox

We undertook all kinds of large light box Signs upright floor lamp, light box Signs, including the facade light box Signs, arcade bottom boxes,

Advertising lightbox species

362L x 140W x 1320H

Fluorescent tubes X1 220V

362L x 140W x 1520H

Fluorescent tubes X1 220V

Lightbox + (Computer Inkjet)

Lightbox effect: affordable / suitable for multicolor effect

Lightbox + (computer cut words)

Lightbox effect: pictorial effect Vivid / Lightbox effective transmittance

Lightbox + (silk screen content)

Lightbox effect: Lightbox effective transmittance / pattern distinct effect

Warranty and Precautions

Choose to install and experienced technical staff, in order to avoid danger.

The product is not available 24 hours, the normal use of time is 8 hours a day.

Customers are responsible for shipping the sending and receiving.

Warranty does not cover:

- Products, accessories, shell.

- Improper handling or use.

Replace only with the same model, you can not change other styles or refund reason.

Warranty applies only to the Region.